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الخميس، 04 نوفمبر


Vivid Yoga Studio

Certified Yoga Teacher Training - Specialized for Athelets

Learning the Art of Teaching Yoga for Athletes and High Performance Olympic Players (YAP certified 50 hours)

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Certified Yoga Teacher Training - Specialized for Athelets
Certified Yoga Teacher Training - Specialized for Athelets

Time & Location

04 نوفمبر 2021، 9:00 ص GST – 15 نوفمبر 2021، 6:00 م GST

Vivid Yoga Studio, 13 Dr Nagib Hashad, Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

About the event

Even though yoga is not considered an Olympic sport, the reality is that it already is a big part of the Olympics. Yoga is a fundamental component of the workout routine of many athletes who are striving for gold during these summer games, and it might very well be one of the key factors for them to finish on top of the podium.  

It’s no secret that yoga is a great complement for other physical activities. Yoga help athletes to increase strength, balance, flexibility and mental control. That’s why it comes as no surprise that more and more competitors are taking advantage of the benefits it brings to their discipline. 

Performance Yoga is geared toward the unique needs of athletes. It combines yoga, breath work, and flexibility and mobility training to maximize athletic performance.

By taking into consideration the repetitive stresses athletes place on their bodies as well as the psychological pressures of competitive sport, Performance Yoga focuses on taking movement and mobility, awareness and concentration, and anxiety reduction and stress-management skills to a new level. By working with physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and other members of the sport science team, Performance Yoga is fast becoming a training tool many professional sports teams are using to maximize performance.

All sessions are sport-specific and are customized to suit each individual athlete or team and their skill level. This can be run as a one-off introductory workshop or rehab session or, to get the most benefit, as regular classes one to three times a week.

Physical Benefits

·  Increase suppleness through stretching muscles

·  Improves joint mobility by lengthening ligaments to their healthy limits

·  Reduces risk of injury and assists with injury rehabilitation

·  Effective as a form of soft tissue and collagen fiber rehabilitation

·  Helps to bring the body back into alignment and improves posture

·  Increases stride length

·  Enhances co-ordination and agility

·  Contributes to improved cardiovascular fitness and stamina

·  Teaches athletes how the body performs and functions as a synergistic unit

Psychological Benefits

·  Relieves performance anxiety and stress, and frees athletes from mental distractions

·  Improves focus

·  Develops determination and self-discipline

·  Teaches athletes to challenge themselves and go outside of their comfort zone

·  Reduces stress and provides a method of relaxation

·  Breath work provides athlete with techniques they can use whilst competing to control arousal levels

·  Helps athletes to achieve flow and get in ‘the zone’

·  Teaches athletes how to use imagery and relaxation

·  Helps athletes to understand the importance of relaxing, resting, and recovering


Team Benefits

·  Improves team cohesion

·  Increases team motivation

·  Provides an opportunity for team unity outside the demands of intense training

·  Increases trust

·  Improves player-player support


What we will learn:

Understand the Athlete's Body: Athletes is a broad term, covering everyone from recreational golfers to professional swimmers, basketball players, and each sport will have a different effect on the body.


Level I (5 days – 50 hours: 

   * 30hrs lecture 

   * 20 observation of Yoga for Athelets & Atheletic Practice 

·  Anatomy and Physiology of Athletic body 

·  Learn how to create effective yoga sequencing for specific sports

·  Learn new ways to apply yoga with a functional and biomechanical approach

·  How to build safe approach to increase athlete body resilience and minimize reinjury risks.

·  Advance your skills and knowledge of how to apply the science of yoga directly to an athlete emotional/psychological; (self-confidence, courage, focusing, motivation,…)

·  Advance your skills in the science of sequencing while designing a high-level training plan at different training phase; preparation period, competition and recovery.

·  Learning how to use the breath to achieve different goals physiological and mental level.

·  Learn how to screen athletes and design sports-specific yoga programs based on a biomechanical assessment.

·  Learn how to tailor programs based on an athlete's primary performance objective

·  Learn about the mindset of working with athletes (of all levels) and how to motivate them.


Level II (5 days or 30 hours:

  * 20 hours lecture 

  * 10 hours Teachin/Coaching "Yoga for Athelets teaching"

·  Anatomy and Physiology of Athletic body based on different sports

·  Common injuries for different sports and how to minimize the risk

·  Recovery and rehabilitation after sports injuries

·  Breathing techniques for mental sharpening 

·  How to apply “Low of Attraction” to achieve goals

·  High performance athletes and how they are difference than common athlete

·  Building athlete resilience and mental toughness 


Who should attend this training and Pre-requists:

·  Former Athelets - Class A (with excellent track records, Medals, ..)

. Certified athletic or personal trainers’ 

·  Certified Fitness trainer

·  Sports specialists for Kids/Teens 

·  School Sports teachers/coaches

·  Sports Teams Coaches 

·  Yoga Teachers 

·  Physicians and Physiotherapists

·  Sports Nutritionist 

You want to be a part of something new and innovative that makes the world a better place, one athlete at a time.

Prerequisite: Completed and passed the 200-hrs foundation Yoga teacher, or has at least 5 years as fitness instructor/trainer/Coach




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