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Studio Re-opening- YAP Guide

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

While I can't give you dates of when we will be allowed to re-open, I can guarantee that in the coming weeks our studio will operate differently! To help ensure the health and safety of both teachers and students, Vivid Studio already applying the best practices for the safe re-opening of your yoga business following Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP

1-The maximum class size: 4 students

2- Regular students only accepted this period. No drops-IN

3- Physical and physiological assessment to be made at the beginning of the program

3- 1 meter between each student

4- Regulations regarding physical contact and hands-on adjustments: using tool or ruler or verbally

5- Pre-class health consultations and screening: Temperature normal, no fatigue, as a test, IN up to 8sec

6- Each student to leave shoes at studio door and use the disinfection liquid left at reception to clean hands, sprayed their cloths

7- Hands, mats, towels and all props to be cleaned with alcohol before and after class.

8- all students should bring their own Mat and towel

9- Mask should be put on during commuting from and to studio

10- cloths should be changed before and after class using bathroom

11- bathroom to be cleaned after each student/teacher used

12- studio floor to be cleaned and disinfected after every class

13- Teachers/therapist are to be checked regularly (pharmacy opposite) for temperature, fatigue, any respiratory issues

14- Teachers/Therapist are responsible to apply the above mentioned rules from their side as well as participants in their class

Thank you

for caring for each-other

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