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الخميس، 05 مايو


13 Dr Nagib Hashad

200/300 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher Training, May- Sept. 2022

Transformational Journey through certified yoga teacher training program

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200/300 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher Training, May- Sept. 2022
200/300 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher Training, May- Sept. 2022

Time & Location

05 مايو 2022، 10:30 ص – 18 سبتمبر 2022، 10:30 ص

13 Dr Nagib Hashad, 13 Dr Nagib Hashad, Al Matar, Qism El-Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

About the event

Yoga therapy Egypt Jointly with Dr. N. Chandrasekanam founder of of India and founder of Yoga Therapy in KYM and the world bring to Egypt and Middle East the Authentic Yoga Teaching Training program following the Sri Krishnamacharya yoga tradition,

“Teach what is inside you, not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other” TT Sri Krishnamacharya.

Every one of us is unique, highly individualized. Unique, highly individualized at all levels. At all levels - Physical, Physiological, Psychological and Deeper. So one standard yoga practice for all – simply does not work. No ailment exists alone.” Dr. N. Chandrasekanam

Whether you want to be a certified yoga trainer or you want to deepen your personal yoga practice in the tradition of TT. Sri Krishnamacharya – God Father of modern authentic yoga teaching, then this program fits your needs perfectly.

**200 Hrs Foundation YTT outline: 

- Yoga History  and philosophy,  Yoga sutra of Patanjali – Ashtanga yoga vs. Kriya Yoga 

- Classical and modified Postures, upto to 77 Asanas, Vinyasa for each asana, benefits

- Therapeutical effect and modifications  

- Asana Concept and Vinyasa development for different objectives and goals 

- Role of breathing in asana 

- Breathing technique, breath and movement  

- All major Pranayama and breathing techniques, vinyasa of development

- Therapeutical benefits and counter effects  

- Relaxation vs. Meditation concepts and Vinyasa 

- Course planning 

- Anatomy, physiology and pshycology 

- Marketing guidelines to build your personal brand in yoga market

**To be qualified to receive certificate of completion: 

• Attend at least 100hrs of lectures credit hours 

• Attend and practice at least 20 hrs of group classes 

• Teach at least 15 hours under senior supervision


- Program this time will be conducted based on 3 long weekends theoritcal sessions, then 3 weekends off for 5 months.

- During the 5 months, students have to attend Practices  upto 20 classes

- Also, students should observe and teach up to 20 hours before recieveng the certificate


**100 Hrs Advanced YTT outline: 

- Deeper Yoga philosophy  

- Advanced Postures, advance balance postures

- Yin Vinyasa concept

- Ashtanga Vinyasa for Kids and Atheletic Adults 

- Yoga Therapy for Senior Citezen and Yoga for Prenatal

- Advanced Pranayama techniques, vinyasa of development, 

- Therapeutical effect for Mascuskeletal system

- Prana-maya anatomy, body Mudras as per Sri Krishnamacharya tradition  

- Chakra system and how to keep in balance 

- Introduction to Auyrveda, the sister veda to yoga, and Dosha system for healthy lifestyle 

- Glimpse of Sounds and use of it during yoga Practice for different purposes 

- Creating your own yoga teaching style, your yoga signature (yoga for kids, teens, women specific,…)

**To be qualified to receive certificate of completion: 

- Attend at least 50hrs of lectures credit hours 

- Attend and practice at least 15 hrs of group classes 

- Teach at least 10 hours under senior supervision 

- Design, Submit and teach at least one full yoga program   

**Benefit of studying and getting certified YTT with Yoga Therapy Egypt: 

1.  Nermeen M. Hassan; Founder of Yoga Therapy Egypt  is a Yoga Therapist & Senior Yoga Teacher YAP;  Teachers' Trainer for more than 5 years,  and Founder of AFROASIAN Yoga and Yoga Therapy Alliance.

2.  Get benefits of 16+years or 7000+ yoga teaching, training and therapy hours

3.  Learning Authentic Yoga allows you to teach different kind of yoga styles

4.  This program allows you to create your own yoga program and style

5.  The Advanced 100 hours allows you to teach Yoga for kids, Teens, Yoga therapy for senior citizen as well as Yoga for Prenatal

6.  Receiving marketing knowledge and support in promoting your first yoga programs after graduation 

7.  Learning and getting qualified to attend a certified Yoga Therapy Teacher Training later.

8.  You will be approved automatically with 50% off on membership of AfroAsian Yoga and Yoga Therapy Alliance

9.  You will be approved  with discount to join Yoga Alliance Professional when you submit

10. Studying and receiving program manual in Sanskrit/Arabic/English

**Program Director

Nermeen M. Hassan; Founder of Yoga Therapy Egypt  Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teachers’ Trainer YAP Senior; Teachers' Trainer for more than 5 years, and Founder of AFROASIAN Yoga and Yoga Therapy Alliance.

Nermeen, the telecom Engineer who has passion to yoga since she was 18. she is the first in the Middle East, earned 2 master degrees (4-Years Yoga philosophy and Practical teaching diploma; 3-years Yoga Therapy master degree) and many other advanced diplomas, 2500+ hrs of studies; Now she is one of the most influential yoga teacher and therapist in Egypt and Middle East; she brought and represents the authentic Yoga and Yoga Therapy of Legendary Sri Krishnamacharya to the region.  Nermeen has been studying and teaching yoga and yoga therapy for past 15 years; 6000+ hours of teaching, she is authorized Yoga Teachers’ Trainer following Sri Krishnamacharya tradition; and Yoga Therapy from Yoga Vaidya Sala - Dr. N. Chandrasekaran, Yoga Alliance Professional YAP and Afroasian Yoga alliance.

Christine Raouf -  Assistant Teacher

300 hours Yoga certificate that was honored to me by Vivid Life Initiative Studio under the supervision of Ms. Nermeen Hassan (Yoga Therapist and Master Trainer) in December 2018 

300 hrs teaching from December 2018 till March 2020:

1- Yoga for beginners, Yoga for Fat Burn & Weight Management, Yoga for Body Toning, Yoga for Body Twist, Yoga for Body Strengthening

**All classes’ flows are effective ones without causing any pain or injury taking in consideration to:

✓ teach each student the correct postures to ensure maximum benefit and safety.

✓ give each student in-depth understanding of breathing techniques.

✓ pay attention to the needs of each student throughout the class.

E-Yoga expert, Leading Zoom online yoga classes for all skill levels since April 2020 (250 hours till present and still continuing):

✓ 7 online classes are held per week for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).

✓ Each class duration is 1 hour and half including yoga flows for: fat burn, muscles strengthening and toning, increasing the body flexibility, breathing technique and relaxation.

Habiba Twakkol -- Assistant Teacher

200hr Certified Yoga teacher with 2 Years of experience in Teaching. “I discovered yoga while I was at high school, and as soon as I was done with my pharmaceutical bachelor degree, I started seeking my yoga dream through enrolling in the 200hr yoga teacher training with Nermeen Mahmoud in 2019 and she has helped me enormously through my yoga career. Yoga has been a big part of life for over 4 years and my yoga practice helped me grow mentally, Physically and psychologically, Making me more flexible and mindful both on and off the mat.

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