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Letters to my students who were prepared for climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain - Letter 2

Dear Climbers

For the climb, a main factor is to ensure your bodies have adequate dietary requirements, enough energy for the long hike, in addition to replacing the glycogen stores and repairing the lean muscle mass.  The focus should be on eating often, making sure the diet is varied and adequate in total energy, vitamins, and minerals; timing the nutrition plan properly around activity (pre-, during, and post-hike), and hydrating properly.

For non-athletic bodies, the focus is to start building muscle as well as endurance over a period of time to prepare for the climbing challenge.

Yoga and Auyrveda incorporate a simple process “Eat well and exercise well” Dr. Chandrasekanam, Founder of Yoga Therapy Division @ Sri Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarin

To facilitate this knowledge identifying your body type is integral to nourishment, they include: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These types identify what type of food nourishes specific body types and which pushes us to an unbalanced energy. Please consult me for further guidance.

We need to take care of what promotes our balance and we should avoid those that cause significant disturbances. An example, to build our muscles we might need to eat high protein food, animal protein is not however best for Pitta people, it promotes an unbalanced energy which usually raises anger and judgmental emotions; in this instance, we recommend moderate amounts of white meat and vegetarian protein.

For the Kapha dominated individuals, moderate quantities for carbohydrate intake, include buckwheat, quinoa, oats and basmati rice, instead of white flower, pasta and rice.

For more information on nutrition and how to prepare see Determining Nutritional Needs for Endurance Athletes from the National Sport Science Institute.

I hope the above are of help to you for further preparation.

In the next email, I will be focusing on the concept of Never GIVE-UP vs. Always LET-GO



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